Executive members 2023-2024

Mr. Joseph Mumo


Joseph Mumo, a distinguished professional, boasts a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a specialization in Procurement and Supply Chain Management from the esteemed University of Embu, graduating with honors in 2019. Demonstrating a commitment to excellence, he is currently advancing his academic prowess by pursuing a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the same distinguished institution.

In his professional capacity, Joseph assumes the pivotal role of Administrator at Stima Sacco, where his strategic leadership and keen acumen drive operational efficiency and organizational success. Additionally, he proudly serves as the Chairperson of the esteemed University of Embu Alumni Association, fostering a strong network of connections and championing the institution’s legacy.

Joseph Mumo exemplifies a consummate professional with a relentless dedication to academic advancement, leadership, and service to his community.


Ms. Caroline Kathure

Vice Chairperson

Caroline Kathure Kamuru’s journey spans from her years of academic pursuit, commencing in 2016 and culminating in 2020 with the attainment of a Bachelor of Education Arts in Kiswahili and C.R.E. Throughout her undergraduate tenure, she exuded leadership prowess, notably serving as both the Female Representative and the Secretary General in 2019 and 2020, respectively.

Her commitment to service extended beyond graduation, as evidenced by her election as the Vice-Secretary General of the Alumni Association from 2021 to 2022. Presently, Caroline holds the mantle of Vice-Chairperson within the Alumni Association, a testament to her enduring dedication to the University of Embu’s community.

Among her accolades, Caroline proudly bears the titles of Alumnus of the Year in Eastern Africa and recipient of the Humanitarian Award from Embu County, underscoring her multifaceted contributions to society.

In her professional capacity, Caroline assumes the role of a Graduate Assistant at the School of Languages, University of Embu, while concurrently serving as the Vice Chairperson for the AYP under the auspices of USAID in Embu County.

Driven by a profound mission to foster collaboration, innovation, and the nurturing of the human spirit, Caroline envisions a future where the Alumni Network of the University of Embu stands as a beacon of support and advancement. Her vision is clear: to cultivate a robust network of former graduates who, in turn, elevate the prestige and impact of their alma mater, one step at a time.


Mr. Brian Matara

Secretary General

Brian joined Embu university as a jaffy student on August 27, 2018 where he enrolled in the Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics for a Bachelor of Science Statistics. Brian served actively in the University clubs and Societies; CU, Red Cross and Environmental Clubs.

He streamlined students’ voices with special needs, and worked in tandem with the University’s Guidance and Counselling Club to counsel, solve issues/conflicts and advise students. Brian served in the Electoral Commission as a Student commissioner for the 2022-2023 UESA Elections, manning, and guiding students on the University e-voting system.

In his final year, Brian represented the university and students in the Commission for University Education (CUE) bilateral that sought to streamline and assess the university’s progress, quality of services offered to students, lecturers and many other services within the University.

Brian was awarded honors for successfully completing his undergraduate degree ~ Statistics on September 16, 2022 during the 7th Graduation Ceremony.


Mr. Frankline Mutai

Vice Secretary General

Mutai Frankline Kipkoech epitomizes dedication and leadership, having pursued his Bachelor of Education Arts from 2015 to 2019. During his academic journey, he distinguished himself as a visionary leader, serving as the Vice Secretary General of the ALASS, where he demonstrated his commitment to fostering unity and cooperation among fellow alumni.

Currently, Mutai channels his passion for education and community into his role at the Teachers Service Commission of Kenya, where he continues to make a meaningful impact on the education sector.

Driven by a profound mission, Mutai endeavors to strengthen the bonds of camaraderie among alumni and promote collaboration for the betterment of the community. His vision is to cultivate a deep sense of loyalty and pride among alumni towards their alma mater, fostering a legacy of excellence and support for future generations.


Mr. Eliud Kibet


Mr. Kibet graduated with Bachelor of Science (BSc.) in Industrial Chemistry from the University of Embu in 2022, where he also served as Student Leader in the University of Embu Student Association (UESA) in the capacity of representative Department of Physical Science from May 2021 – May 2022.
Currently, he works at the University of Embu as an Administrative Assistant in the Customer Relations and Complaints Resolution Office (CRCRC) where he endeavors to maintain a customer-focused attitude aiming at positive customer experience.
Mr. Kibet is the Treasurer, University of Embu Alumni Association (UE-ALASS). He is a man of integrity who believes in teamwork. He is resilient in achieving the set goals.

Mr. Peter Kamau

Vice Treasurer

Mr. Waweru holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics from the University of Embu, class of 2022. He is currently pursuing a Master of Science degree in Statistics at the same University.
He is passionate about data analysis, research work and mentorship. Outside of academia and professional endeavors, he enjoys engaging in activities that nourish both mind and body.
Whether it’s immersing himself in a captivating book, exploring new hiking trails, or delving into stimulating conversations with like-minded individuals, he is always eager to embrace new experiences and broaden his horizons.