This category comprises of all graduates of UoEm, holders of honorary degrees from UoEm, graduates of EAST College who are holders of certificates and diplomas, former students of EUC who qualified for the conferment of degrees from the University of Nairobi and award of diplomas and certificates from EUC. Members in this category are entitled to hold Executive positions of the Association and vote in an AGM or SGM. Annual subscription fee for this category is Ksh 1,000.

Members in this category includes current and former members of the University staff. Associate members are entitled to membership through subscription and are eligible to vote in an AGM or SGM but shall not hold executive positions in the Association. Registration fee for this cateory is Ksh 2,000 and an Annual subscription fee of Ksh 1,500.

This category comprises of persons who contribute to the University advancement, persons on exchange programs or seconded from other institutions and any other person or institution as the Association may from time to time advice. This category involves a one-time registration fee of Ksh 50,000.

This category includes members of the Association upon subscribing to:

a) Gold Membership – Registration fee of Ksh 100,000

b) Silver Membership – Registration fee of Ksh 50,000

c) Bronze Membership – Registration fee of Ksh 25,000